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Why Comply?

There are countless examples of substantial fines and penalties being assessed to companies receiving federal money:

06-08-2015 – Texas Skilled Nursing Facility Settles Case Involving Excluded Individual

On June 8, 2015, Meridian Williamsburg Acquisition Partners, LP d/b/a Williamsburg Village Healthcare Campus (Williamsburg) entered into a settlement agreement with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Williamsburg agreed to pay $77,772.08 to settle allegations that it employed an individual who was excluded from participating in any Federal health care programs. OIG’s investigation revealed that the excluded individual, a certified nurse aide, provided items and services to Williamsburg patients that were billed to Federal health care programs. Senior Counsel Ellen Slavin and Paralegal Specialist Mariel Filtz represented OIG.

7 Elements of Compliance And How BCG Can Help!

  • Implement written policies, procedures and standards of conduct.
  • Designate a compliance officer and a compliance committee.
  • Provide effective training and education to all personnel.
  • Practice lines of open and anonymous communication.
  • Enforce company standards through well publicized disciplinary guidelines.
  • Respond promptly to detected offenses and developing corrective actions.


How to Avoid Penalties and Fines

The use of the BCG Research tool can help avoid penalties and fines when you perform monthly employee and vendor checks against the OIG / LEIE and SAM.GOV / EPLS Systems. The process is secure and BCG Research retains none of your private information.

The system provides a time stamp, list of employee names checked and the date of the updated list for your documentation. Having this information accurately on file means you’re ready should Medicaid Fraud Control Units make a visit.