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Welcome To BCG Research

BCG Research LLC provides data-driven solutions for long-term care health providers, while professionally partnering with industry leaders to advocate and support quality care. BCG Research offers technical analyses and reporting for Customer Satisfaction Surveys, OIG Exclusion Lists, and other corporate compliance requirements. We specialize in serving small-to-mid sized skilled, residential and assisted living care facilities, offering custom and alternative solutions.


Whether helping you stay compliant by utilizing our unique automated search tool to verify your employees, gathering industry-standard customer satisfaction scores to boost your reputation, or enabling instant anonymous communication tools for your residents, families and staff, our dedicated team of experienced professionals are committed to helping you succeed!

Compliance Search Tools

BCG Research has developed an automated exclusion list search tool that can improve the process of  verifying your employees and vendors against the OIG / LEIE and SAM.GOV / EPLS  lists of individuals and entities.

CoreQ Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customized and industry-approved satisfaction surveys for patients, residents, family members, and staff.

  • CoreQ Short-Stay Discharge Patient
  • CoreQ Long-Stay Resident/Family (SNF)
  • CoreQ Long-Stay Tenant/Family (AL)
  • Staff


Specialized Consulting Services