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By Karen Steggerda

Another education session I attend was called Tired to Inspired.  It was about motivating our employees.  The presenter’s website is www.denisebscott.com if you want to follow her or get more information.  Here are highlights of my notes from the education session.

  • If staff feels invisible, we can’t feel what we don’t get and we won’t be able to understand what we don’t know.
  • How to rekindle the passion in people?  Tap into employees to transform the organization.
  • Awaken people to how and why things should be different. Assess where strengths and opportunities are and align goals to reach those possibilities that exist. Anchor down the changes you make sustain the goals and changes.

Beyond Compliant

People who are engaged are truly inspired to do well.  Some people in our organization are not aligned with our company, with the goals, and our journey to the next level.  Maybe we have to let them go?

Four step process for creating a better place to live and work

Step 1: Awaken
  • Decrease turnover by increasing employee engagement.  Happy employees stay at work and come to work more often.  Productivity increases with employee engagement.  Profitability increases with employee engagement. Safety incidences decrease with high employee engagement. Plant the seed for employee engagement and let it continue to grow!
  • Engage employees and make them a part of the process.
Step 2: Assess

Focus groups bring you to a whole other level. Focus groups’ help tell what staff, physicians, and volunteers are really thinking.  Focus groups are a good resource to take advantage of, because we need safe environments and people who will listen.  Ask questions in focus groups and staff meetings, and act on the responses to the questions asked.  Ask detailed questions.

Step 3: Align Goals
  • The value of happiness.
  • Align and model the way.
  • Make the goals come alive.  All goals need to have a way to be measured and the success or non-success of the goal is important to monitor.  Write down the Action, Set the goal and break the goal down to small actionable steps.   The more steps you have, the more people that can get involved. The action plan needs to be lived and breathed every day. Re-evaluate daily and make changes as needed to achieve the goal.
Step 4: Anchoring
  • Anchoring the changes you have put into place so they sustain over time.   Statistics are important because they help us anchor changes into place. Collect information and use it, good or bad, don’t fight the data.  Look at data and how can it can be used and learned from.
  • Make changes so things become more consistent instead of up and down.
  • No one wants to feel invisible