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At BCG Research, we offer many services to keep you compliant. See our services below.

Compliance Search Tool

BCG Research has developed automated tools that can improve the process of  verifying your employees and vendors against the OIG / LEIE and SAM.GOV / EPLS  lists of individuals and entities.


Satisfaction Survey Tool

BCG Research offers a wide variety of satisfaction surveys for staff and residents.

  • Core Q Discharge Survey
  • Annual SNF Survey
  • Annual Assisted Living Satisfaction Survey
  • Annual Staff Satisfaction Survey


Anonymous Hotline

BCG Research has developed an anonymous communication form for staff and families to access in order to provide confidential information, comments, suggestions or feedback to a facility.


Specialized Consulting Services

BCG Research provides an array of consulting services to long-term care providers. For more information on consulting services, or to hire a compliance expert, please contact BCG Research.