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What is CORE Q?

Core Q is a nationally recognized survey system that measures customer satisfaction from long term care and post-acute care health care providers. The AHCA and NCAL have teamed together to develop a core set of questions that address customer satisfaction and this tool is an evidence based program on health care quality.

Endorsed By the National Quality Forum

The CORE Q is made up of a combination of 3 questions for long term stay residents and 4 questions for short term stay residents. These questions have been independently tested for validity and reliability.  The Survey was endorsed by the National Quality Forum. The AHCA/NCAL have outlined the questions that are to be asked in a survey format, and have recognized certain vendors nationwide to administer the survey questions.

The data of the survey is collected over time based upon Discharged Residents. The questionnaire is mailed out to the resident within 2 weeks of the discharge date by the facility.  Usually there will be one follow up phone call to remind the individual to send in the survey. The questionnaire is NOT sent out to:

*resident families whose loved one passed away,

*nor to patients who were discharged to a hospital,

* nor patients who have a Power of Attorney,

*nor patients in hospice, and any patient who has left the nursing facility against medical advice.

Lastly, there must be at least 20 usable survey’s returned for a facility in order for data to be collected and scored in an effective manner.

Why Use BCG Research?

Core Q Sample Survey

BCG Research is a recognized vendor by the AHCA/NCAL. We utilize the CORE Q elements in all of our resident and patient satisfaction surveys. BCG Research will calculate your facilities customer satisfaction questionnaire scoring information and respond back to your facility with the results of the findings. We are also assisting with the LTCTT data upload to allow for national comparison.

BCG Research survey tool has been streamlined to meet the following three objectives:

*To provide the facility with a higher response rating

*To provide greater efficiency for the facility in time and cost effectiveness

*To provide a Skilled Nursing Facilities an effective tool at the annual cost of $660 per year

We have included a sample picture of our CORE Q survey. Please contact Jeff at jeff@bcgdata.net or Lisa at 1-888-746-6533 with questions or if interested in getting signed up.