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Compliance Search Tool

Check for Your Employees and Vendors on Exclusion Lists

Automate your exclusion checks

while avoiding penalties & fines

Simplified Exclusion List Searches

BCG Research has developed an automated Compliance Search Tool that can improve the process of verifying your employees and vendors against the OIG / LEIE and SAM.GOV / EPLS exclusion lists of individuals and entities.

This online exclusion list search tool helps you:

  • Easily download, set-up and search to determine if employees or vendors are on an exclusion list
  • Check ALL employees within a matter of seconds anytime
  • Control the number of names being checked while promoting more frequent verification
  • Automated detailed reports of your employee and vendor look-ups with time-stamp and number of records searched along with possible matches


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Compliance Search Tool Pricing

Once you’ve completed your 30-Day Free Trial, you can purchase the Compliance Search Tool to be used to keep your organization compliant year-round. Choose from our five pricing options:

From our clients

“The BCG Research website has been a huge time saver. I can update my search lists for both vendors and employees once a month and the reports generate automatically. The reports run consistently and accurately every month. BCG is always providing new ways to help manage the facility work load.”
Molly Bausch

Business Office Manager, Colonial Manor, Columbus Junction, IA

“Spurgeon Manor has been using the BCG Research system for almost five months. It is a huge time saver for Spurgeon Manor and much more reliable than our by hand method. We get instant results.”
Maureen Cahill

Administrator, Spurgeon Manor Retirement Community, Dallas Center, IA


Use these templates to upload your employee and vendor lists to BCG Compliance Search Tools