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By Karen Steggerda

This October I attended the AHCA/NCAL National Convention in San Antonio, TX.  While at the convention I was able to attend several education sessions.  I must say, I thought the education sessions were very well presented and informative compared to some other years.  One class I took was entitle “5 Star Rating”.  Here are highlights of my notes from the education session.

  • It is important to maintain a 3 star rating or higher
  • Get stars for state survey, staffing, and quality measures
  • A really bad survey will weigh on the overall score for 3 years
  • Bottom 43% ranked 1 and 2 stars. 20% 1 star and 23% 2 star. Top 10% are 5 Star.
  • G plus tags are equal to 1 or 2 stars
  • Keep survey score under 50 points.
  • Most deficiencies are associated where staff did not follow SNF policy, procedure, care plan or orders.
  • If an organization has complicated orders, orders that don’t work, documentation in 2 or more places, fix them because this is an easy way to get tags on things.  We can be our own worst enemy.
  • CMS plans to add additional quality measures to 5 Star process in 2016, such as in the areas of re hospitalization, discharge back to community, and other measures from the IMPACT act.
  • PBJ: Payroll based journal

Won’t start using PBJ for 5star until late 2017 or early 2018